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Rob and his team are AMAZING. We knew the second we met him that he would be our photographer. You can see for yourself on his blog and his facebook that his work is amazing, so I am going to tell you about what you can’t find on the internet. Rob is doing the job he was made for. Robs creativity and his eye are great, but what we fell in love with was his personality. He makes you have fun, and all the people he takes pictures of look comfortable in the pictures because they are. My friends and family asked me multiple times if he was a family friend because of how easy it was to be around him. Even more amazing, he is still so professional. He understands the importance of having all the pictures you could want and he works hard to create the perfect assortment of photos. Picking the right photographer was very important to us because we know so many people who say “my friend photographed my wedding, and its my one regret”. I have even seen people pay good money for a photographer who disappointed them in the end. I know I chose the right photographer, and I would (and do) recommend him to everyone.
No lie, the day I met Rob and saw his photos I knew he would shoot my wedding – this was five years before I even met my husband. He is hilarious and super super nice so it is extremely easy and relaxing to work with him! And then also the pictures he takes are amazing. We wish we were getting married every day so that we could hang out with Rob all the time.
you should be knighted or something. SIR ROB SPRING!!!!
There is literally NOT ENOUGH great things I could say about Rob and his team. His work is absolutely breathtaking, which is the reason we went with him. However, the bonus was how much fun he was to work with and how at ease he made us all feel. Working with Rob was more like hanging out with a buddy who made you feel good about yourself and at the end of the day, you had amazing photos of yourself that you never thought could look so good! We did several photo shoots throughout our year and a half engagement with Rob and each time, his professionalism and quality of work far surpassed our expectations. There are not enough kind words I could write here. If you are looking for the most amazing photographer EVER and want to have a blast working with him, then Rob (and his team) are your photographer!!!! DO IT! You will NOT be sorry!
When you choose Rob Spring Photography, you are not simply hiring an outstanding photographer. You are hiring someone who will bustle your dress, grab you a glass of champagne, and make you and your family/friends laugh. Rob was an essential part of my wedding day for these reasons.

When I received my wedding pictures I couldn’t believe how creative he was. My wedding was romance/literary themed and Rob somehow found the words “my bride” on a random book page scattered on the table and captured it beautifully with my engagement ring.

I can’t recommend Rob Spring Photography enough, everyone there is extremely quick to respond to any questions you have and do everything in their power to make your wedding day seamless. I’m not the only one who loved Rob, I heard from all of my guests and vendors how great Rob was during the entire day/night.

Choose Rob Spring Photography because this is the day you will remember for the rest of your life!