I’m going to apologize in advance… I got carried away with this blog post! But how could I not?!? It’s one of our very own!! AND it was shot with my amazing friend and colleague Stephen Whiting of Whiting Photography as well as our insanely talented videographer, Mitchell Wood. Most of our blog posts start out with “This Stowe, Vermont wedding…” or “Check out this beautiful wedding at Topnotch Resort in Stowe, Vermont…” It’s the best thing for search engine optimization, and Sarah will probably yell at me for breaking the rules of the internet – but… TOUGH!! Just this once, I’m breaking the rules – because Sarah Wigley (our own lead wedding photographer) is married to Sean Collins!! We had such a fun day shooting, laughing, dancing, drinking – yes, even me. Of course we loved everything about Stowe, Vermont  – Topnotch Resort was breathtaking and amazing to work at, her dress was from one of our favorites – Lily Saratoga, we got to see the amazing Leslie and Juliet from Revive, goofed off with friend and ultra talented DJ Vinny Vin from Nonstop Music, AND eat Ben & Jerry’s. Sarah & Sean’s love for each other is infectious. Their smiles, their laughs, and even their dance moves. Love you guys so much I could scream… but I’m posting this in a public place. Oh, heck with it… I’m screaming. And now they’re asking me to leave.

Congratulations Sarah & Sean!! Hope you enjoy the photos for the rest of your lives!


-Rob Spring


Venue : Topnotch Resort    •    Bride’s Dress : Lily Saratoga    •    Bridesmaids Dress : Lily Saratoga

Hair & Makeup : Revive Hair & Skin   •   DJ : Nonstop Music    •    Flowers : Nectar & Root

Catering : Topnotch Resort    •    Late Night Ice Cream : Ben & Jerry’s 

Wedding Date : June 7, 2018