It’s time for a family portrait again! In fact, it’s always time.

Take Rob’s word for it – he has three kids, they grow up fast, so take lots of photos. And YES – you need to be in them. The kids will want to see you when they are all grown up – see you loving them, holding them, and making them smile! We approach your family portrait session from multiple angles.

We typically start out getting everyone’s attention so you get the smiling at the camera photo that your parents will want to see.

Once we start losing the little ones’ attention (or the old one, or the husband ones), we mix it up! Move on to an action shot. We go for a walk, we search for flowers, someone gets tickled, someone gets tossed in the air, hopefully no one tries to toss YOU in the air.

Everyone wants to look great and look happy – we want something a little more for you. We want you to FEEL (and look) great and to actually BE happy. When you look at the photos, we want you to remember that perfect afternoon you spent together, happy and playful. Great memories make the best photos. Just ask the kids we’ve been photographing all these years – they all look forward to seeing us year after year. When they see us, they just KNOW something silly is going to happen!

So go ahead, make yourself AND your kids happy – hire someone to capture beautiful photos that you will also love taking!