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Your friends will wish they'd hired us, your parents will be glad you did, and when all is said and done, it will be the best day of your life.

We'll make your lighting, your good side, and even your bad side, look amazing.

So go live your day like you just got married - because we'll be there taking care of everything else.

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What do Brides say about us?

Rob quickly learned and addressed everyone by name, and made everyone feel at ease. His comments were hysterical and kept us laughing all day. I think that his humor is infectious, and can be seen in all of the photos he took of us on our wedding day. Rob has a way of making everyone laugh so that he can capture such natural smiles and poses. None of the photos he took look “staged”. Everyone appears to be at ease and enjoying themselves to the fullest. I would absolutely recommend Rob Spring Photography. He far exceeded our expectations.

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