What Details Should You Have On Your Wedding Day?

You might be asking yourself, “what should I have on hand for my photographer when they arrive on my wedding day?” Great question! The truth is, it’s going to be a little different for everyone and only you can decide on how much or how little, but here are some of our favorite ideas.

We believe if you made it, if it’s meaningful, or if you spent money on it for your wedding day, there should be a photo of it. Pro Tip : make sure that whatever you want photographed, it is out of the bag or box and the tags have been removed so that everything is ready to go. That will save valuable time that can be spent photographing other moments.

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One of our favorite ways to capture the wedding day details is to set up a flat lay. This takes a few minutes to arrange, so having everything ready for us upon arrival becomes even more important. A flat lay is arranging all of your personal details for the day and photographing them all together, usually from a high angle. These details could include your invitation, your save the date, a newspaper with the day’s date on it, a sentimental book, your bouquet, jewelry, shoes, the rings, hair clips, or anything else along those lines. Flat lays also make a great first page of your album and set the stage for the rest of the day!

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We have recently seen an increase in unique ring boxes which make for a great photo as well. You should use these details to further infuse your style into the day. No matter if its vintage, velvet or engraved, it’s a great way to show off the bling!

If you have a sentimental item that won’t be joining you at the ceremony or reception or you’ve chosen to write each other a letter, the morning is a great time to get a photo of it and then keep it safe at the hotel or wherever you are staying. Personalized vow books have become more popular as well – such a great way to keep those special words safe. They look a lot nicer during the ceremony as well, rather than a folded piece of paper or a cell phone in front of your face to say your vows.

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personalized vow books, precious keepsake, flat lay with vow books.

These personalized purses really show off who you are as a bride. Whether it was given to you as a gift at your bridal shower, handed down to you from Grandma Dorothy, or if you bought it for yourself and you’re going to rock it from now on, let’s get a picture!

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We can’t forget about the guys and all of their details. A sentimental watch or personalized cufflinks, we’re going to want to get a photo for you!