I can’t even begin to exclaim how much fun I had shooting Amy & Joe’s wedding! After doing their engagement session, I knew we were going to have a blast. Amy and Joe are the nicest people and along with their bridal party, friends, and family, boy do they know how to party! The day was chalk full of smiles, laughter, and even a little confetti. What more could you need on a wedding day? Oh wait, that’s right. . .you need copious amounts of donuts! The dessert table at the wedding was almost as magical as their first dance. Amy and Joe did the most AMAZING first dance; professional dance shoes, lifts, and twirls included! I was amazed! They said they were always taught that if they were going to do something, it had to be done right. Well, I’ll be the first to tell you their wedding was done 150% right! What a fantastic day!

Congratulations again Amy & Joe. I loved sharing your special day with you. 🙂

-Sarah Wigley

Venue: Canfield Casino   •  Makeup/Hair: Jennifer McCarthy & Chris Burt from True Grace  •  Officiant: Monsignor Christopher Richard, OCP
Dress: Lily Saratoga  •  Flowers: Samantha Nass Floral Designs  •  Donuts: Cider Belly  •  DJ: Metro Music  •  Ceremony Music: Spa City Duo

Catering: Mazzone Hospitality