What what! Two years worth of weddings crammed into one calendar year? No problem! 2021 was an absolute whirlwind. I had my first FIVE wedding weekend as a result (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) … Lord help us. We took over a dive bar for an impromptu shoot with the bride and groom, we survived a freak snowstorm in November (sadly the shuttle bus carrying the guests ended up in a ditch and half of them were an hour or more late to the wedding), we wore masks, we wore no masks, until we then started to wear masks again, and then we always found excuses to go outside to take them off. We hid in the bushes (perhaps to take artistic photos, or perhaps to allow for proper social distancing), fluffed about 100 wedding dresses, put the veils in, took the veils out, bustled the dresses, and then a ring bearer lost his pants running away from us (yes that photo is below). That’s truly BEHIND the scenes… We did a lot of laying on the ground, dodging the rain, standing on top of cars, and then there was the wedding that we found all of the men’s boutonnieres (5 minutes before the ceremony) hidden in a random refrigerator in a separate building across the parking lot from the church. One of the best parts of capturing all of these weddings was working with all of our amazing vendor friends whom we haven’t seen in a year! A special thanks to all of them for letting us harass them and take their pictures, LOL. Lighting tests, selfies, and photo bombs are all part of the deal – and there are some funny ones to see towards the end! Enjoy the shenanigans, we certainly did!! Disclaimer: don’t worry, all of these couples have hundreds of gorgeous photos as a result!!

-Rob Spring

Thanks for checking out our 2021 season! It was a BIG one but we wouldn’t have it any other way! See you in 2022!!