Professional Headshots For Your Next Meeting or Conference

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Make your employees look good and feel good.

Add value to your next annual conference or team meeting.

Conferences are the perfect place to offer headshots. We can help each member of your workforce get an updated, cohesive, and high quality headshot.

What We Offer:

  • Real-time viewing and selection for all participants
  • Same day delivery via email
  • Cohesive headshots across your business or corporation
  • Add value and positivity to employee experience


We offer both half day and full day options for event headshot photography. Our half-day is up to four consecutive hours, and our full day option is up to eight consecutive hours with one 45 minute break. Our headshot photographers are able to photograph as many as twenty people every hour.

Half Day: $1,750

Full Day: $3,200

•half day (up to 4 hours) or full day (5-8 hours) of headshot photography

•high resolution images

•files renamed for each participant for easy delivery

•license to use images as each participant wishes

•model release for each participant photographed

Add Ons:

Real-Time Headshot Selection

Half Day: $500

Full Day: $900

•Our team will help each participant view and select the best image immediately while on-site. A great add-on for large groups, or for all employees at your conference and helpful in making sure all headshots for each company look cohesive. 

•Final delivery of images will take 7-10 days.

Immediate Delivery 

Half Day: $800

Full Day: $1,200

•Participants will work with our team to help them with their real-time headshot selection and we will deliver it instantly via email to each attendee!



•This option includes stray hairs, skin smoothing, blemishes, and teeth whitening.

*we do NOT offer retouching during the instant delivery process*

Hair & Makeup


Half Day: $550

Full Day: $950

•Boost participants’ self-confidence and make sure everyone looks their best! We will provide an on-site hair and makeup professional to give each participant a quick touchup before their photo.

All Inclusive Headshot Day

Option 1:


•Full day (up to 8 hours)

•Includes file organization, real-time selection, high resolution images delivered in 7-10 days, and commercial usage rights.

*add $300 for immediate delivery of files

*Typically 150-250 participants*

Option 2:


•Full day (up to 8 hours)

•Includes file organization, real-time selection, high resolution images delivered in 7-10 days, 

commercial usage rights, and on-site hair and makeup

*add $300 for immediate delivery of files

*Typically 150-250 participants*

All Inclusive PREMIUM Headshot Day


•Full day (up to 8 hours)

•Includes file organization, real-time selection, high resolution images delivered in 7-10 days, 

commercial usage rights, and on-site hair and makeup

•Up to 250 retouched images delivered in 7-10 days


How many people can you photograph at an event?

Each headshot setup can photograph about twenty people per hour. This number may vary slightly depending on several factors. In a full, 8 hour day, we can photograph between 150 – 250 people.

Why should we add retouching?

With quality lighting and posing, as well as professional hair and makeup touch-ups (optional add-on), the photos will look amazing “as is”. But, if the headshots are going to be used for anything larger than a social media profile picture or a thumbnail on a company website, then we would recommend adding retouching so that everyone looks their best.

How will we receive the photos?

We will first rename each photo to the name of the person who appears in the image. This will remove the guesswork of delivering images to each participant. Once the files are organized, we can offer an online gallery, Dropbox, Google Drive, or individual delivery by email. 

Do you also offer photography of the conference or event?

Of course! This would be an option to add on with a separate photographer on our team so that our headshot photographer can continue doing what they do best. You can also hire an event photographer through us without including the headshot option. You can have one, the other, or both! Just ask!

How will participants sign up for their headshot?

Under circumstances where you are expecting a high volume of people, we would recommend a combination of sign-up times and first-come first-serve. Sign-ups for most time slots with some “flex” periods each hour for participants who may have missed the opportunity to sign up.


It’s time to ditch those poor quality cell phone headshots your staff has been using for years. We’ve all been there – needing a new headshot, someone takes you out the front door of the office, you stand in the sun, squint into the daylight, all of your wrinkles, dark circles, and stray hairs on full display. Not anymore!

Our photographers will bring your employee’s PR photos to a new level! We are fun, professional, and will set the right mood for a successful shoot.

We provide everything you need to keep things easy for you and your team – and to keep them happy.

What sets us apart:

•We are organized and ready for every scenario – hair spray for stray hairs, lint-rollers, bobby pins, mirrors, extra neckties, and more. We want the image to look great just as much as your employees do.

•We are outgoing, friendly, and personable – we are artists AND technicians. We know that many people are nervous about being photographed, but we will quickly set them at ease.

•We make the experience EASY for you and your staff. With online scheduling, instant viewing and photo selection, digital delivery, and file organization, we take the work off of your plate and do it all for you.

•We ensure that your new headshot and PR photos look consistent across the board – maintaining the same high quality lighting and posing throughout the day, your entire team will have a great new look, rather than those old mismatched headshots that might make the business look disorganized or less than professional.

•We will take photos you and your team with LOVE. Once your employees see their photos, they will feel renewed confidence sending that next company email out with their photo attached in the signature.

Headshot Pricing Information:

Headshot sessions can be scheduled at your office space or offsite at another location of your choice. For employees working remotely, new employees, or for smaller office teams, our Saratoga Springs studio can also be made available. Pricing is on a sliding scale, $149/per headshot for the first 4-9 employees and the price decreases the larger the team is.

*On-location sessions at your office or offsite are subject to a $200 set up fee*

*all images will receive a basic level of editing before delivery and you can purchase additional retouching.*

*See our “Add-Ons” section below for more information.*

4-9 Employees


•Approximately 90 minutes of shooting time.

•Available on-site at your office or at our studio.

10-19 Employees


•Approximately 2.5 hours of shooting time.

•Available on-site at your office.

20-25 Employees

•Approximately 3.5 hours of shooting time.

•Available on-site at your office.

25+ Employees

Contact us
•Offices with 25 or more employees may be eligible for a volume discount or we can waive certain fees.



(must be added to entire session)


•We work with talented hair and makeup artists to give your employees that extra boost of confidence – makeup touch ups, hair fixes, and more.


(available for individual images upon request)


•If your photos are being used as thumbnails on a website, in the signature of an email, or for a LinkedIn profile, you probably won’t need any additional retouching, but we do offer it for images that will be used or reproduced larger than 2”x3” or 192 x 288 pixels.


(must be added to entire session)


•We offer an instant delivery option for your employees to receive their new headshots the same day. We will have an extra staff member on site to help choose your favorite photo, make some quick edits, and email it directly to you before we even leave your office!


Can we also get a group photo while you are here?

Of course! Why not get this done while everyone is there and ready? Full staff, or smaller group photos are certainly possible. We will schedule extra time for you, and those groups will be billed at the same rate as an individual photo ($119 – $149 depending on the number of employees)

Do you also offer marketing photography for our business?

Absolutely. This is a great time to get a few additional shots of people “at work.” Each additional marketing photo will be billed at the same rate as your individual headshot photos – please note that these photos may require more set up time / post-production time to edit them in a way you feel is appropriate to your brand.

Do we get to choose the background?

Yes. We have several different background options available for you. We can secure a custom color for you that compliments your brand or work with an existing background or space that you would like to use inside or outside your office space. When photographing individual headshots for an entire team, we do require you to all use the same background due to set up and breakdown times and for consistency.

Can we choose our own photo?

We prefer that you do! Immediately following each employee’s headshot session, they will be asked to view their proofs and with the help of our staff, choose the photo that truly shines.

How will we receive the photos? 

First, we will rename and organize all of the photos for you, then deliver the high resolution photos to you via Google Drive, Dropbox, or email, depending on what works best for your needs.

What if some people work remotely or we can’t get together on the same day? 

Ideally, we would be shooting everyone’s photo on the same day at the office, it’s also a great team-building opportunity for your business. However, we understand that the workplace has changed in the last few years. We recommend photographing as many employees as we can in a single session and would then welcome any additional employees to visit our studio for a matching photo. We can also set up multiple days to visit your office, which may include an additional setup / breakdown fee. This is a good option if we are doing a large number of employees on one day and a large number on a second day.

Where is your studio?

We have a modest sized studio in Saratoga Springs near exit 14 on I-87 that is suitable for individual headshots and smaller businesses to use.

Can you match an existing headshot or background?

Absolutely. We would simply ask you to share what you have from the existing headshots and we will color match and recreate similar lighting. This is especially important for new hires to help your website look more cohesive.

Do you offer headshot photography during events, trade shows, or conferences?

We certainly do, visit our events page online or inquire for more information.

Can we see more of your headshots?

View more of our portfolio below.