Yassssss. Well, okay, you don’t NEED two photographers, but we always recommend having two photographers when you have more than 125 guests, when you have multiple locations, or if you are planning to photograph family during cocktail hour rather than BEFORE the ceremony. As great as any of our Lead Photographers are – we can’t be in two places at once! And believe me, we try! We can’t be with the guys getting ready while also with the bridesmaids getting their hair done. And we can’t shoot with two different lenses at the same time from two different angles. Well… maybe Rob can, 😉

If you’re doing a first look and your groom reacts as epically as Connor, you’re going to want multiple angles!

First Look, Wedding dress, Surprise, Excitement, Groom, Bride

Having a second photographer means getting more done at the same time. While one photographer was getting the family shots, our second photographer was able to get photos of the ceremony space.

Ceremony Space, Family photos, bride and groom

Big bridal party? You want a photo with each individual person? No problem, we will work together to get it done so you can move on to the fun stuff!

Ceremony moments, the reason we’re all here, right??? Just look at all of these amazing angles captured at Elena & Kyle’s wedding. Our photographers will always work to give you variety, but two photographers can cover more ground together!

Here’s a great example below – you’ve GOT to get Dad’s face walking his daughter down the aisle, but what about everyone else’s expression!? All eyes on the bride! Amazing.

lake Placid, White Face Lodge, Second Photographer, Balcony, Walking down the aisle, bride and father

A second photographer allows your Lead Photographer to get more creative and artistic knowing that the second photographer is covering more classic shots.

First Dance, Hall of Springs, Bride and Groom, Happy, Love, Twinkle Lights

And perhaps the most important reason to have a second photographer at your wedding is so that you will have ridiculous surprise photos of Rob in your gallery!!