Hi everyone! It’s your friendly RSP Studio Manager, Emily, here to help you choose the perfect wedding venue for YOU! We often have couples inquire with us even before they’ve chosen a date or location – and we always love to help direct them to the perfect venue. The venue is your first big decision, after your significant other of course! We are so lucky to live in an area with so many unique options. Your venue sets the tone for your wedding, so it’s important to know what your priorities are when it comes to your wedding.

If You Want to Get Ready on Site…

If you’re looking for convenience and want to get ready right at your venue, maybe even want the hair and makeup team to come to you and don’t want to mess with moving from a hotel room to the venue, you need somewhere with a great bridal suite and space for both bridal parties.

The Mansion of Saratoga has 6 bedrooms where your guests or bridal party can stay as well as a piano room and a lounge which are also perfect for getting ready and taking pictures. There’s no lack of room to spread out at The Mansion of Saratoga.

The Inn at Erlowest has 10 suites in the main Inn, and if you need more room than that or prefer to be a little more spread out, the Sun Castle Resort is right on the property with townhomes and villas. On the second floor of the Inn is a lounge that is perfect for the Bride and bridal party complete with a balcony overlooking the scenic Lake George which makes for beautiful photos.

The Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake has two separate spaces for getting ready. The bridal suite is complete with a makeup counter and lights. Both rooms have their own bathroom so there’s no risk of running into your other-half before the first look or ceremony.

If You’re All About the Food…

We attend a lot of weddings which means, we eat a lot of wedding food! I actually pick which weddings I want to assist by where I’m going to eat dinner. LOL. Here are my top picks for food!

Chef Rick at The Mansion of Saratoga will literally make anything you want. (Rob’s personal favorite are the duck taquitos!) We’ve seen Mac n’ Cheese bars, Mashed Potato bars, comfort food stations, pasta stations, Asian, Italian, 9 different kinds of french fries, and well, I could go on and on. The food is always amazing and always unique. And the DESSERT is always on point. I’ve been known to snag a homemade ice cream sandwich to eat on the way home as I leave the reception.

The Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake has consistently amazing food. I personally love their salmon. I was looking through our galleries for food pictures and there aren’t very many, I’m just going to assume that’s because we were too excited to get to eat the amazing food that we didn’t snap a picture. The Old Daley knows how to create a dessert table and delicious desserts, check some of these out!

If You Want to be Taken Care of the Second You Arrive…

If you want to be handed an adult beverage and have your needs looked after by the best bridal attendants in the area I have some great suggestions for you to consider!

Saratoga National runs an extremely tight ship. Every single detail will be worked out well in advance and you won’t have to worry about place cards or favor placement. You will have an attendant to follow you around and make sure you have a snack, a drink, your lipstick is on, bustle your dress, you name it – they’ll make it happen. Shout out to Danielle and Nick for being AMAZING!

If you know anyone who has gotten married at The Hall of Springs, you need to ask them about their experience with Pam! Pam is part of the Mazzone Hospitality team and she is incredible. How she can be in so many places at once and make so many things happen is beyond me . . . maybe she has a secret twin?! Pam will keep you laughing, hold your flowers, make your mom happy and make sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there. She is a huge bonus to getting married at The Hall of Springs!

If You Want Rain or Shine Options for Your Ceremony…

The Inn at Erlowest has two awesome options for ceremony space. You can get married on the point by the water, or in the portico which has a covered awning and still offers views of the lake for your background.

The Hall of Springs has several options for ceremony sites as well. You can tie the knot on the grass by the reflecting pool, in the portico, or in the Hall itself. All options are beautiful and unique.

If You Want To Impress for Cocktail Hour…

Saratoga National has one of the most beautiful patios in the area. You can reserve it for your private party (It is also used for guests of the restaurant Prime.) There is a covered portion, a pool area, fire pits, and plenty of chairs.

The Inn at Erlowest has an expansive patio for cocktail hour, it overlooks the property with views of Lake George. You might even see the Minnie Ha Ha sail by!

The Hall of Springs has a room off of the main hall with a beautiful wooden bar, and when the weather is nice you can expand out side into a garden bar area.

You Want Your Guests to be Wowed by the Statement Your Venue Makes…

If you’re going for wow factor, the Hall of Springs has it all. A grand hall that looks amazing with uplighting (make sure to ask your DJ for uplights!) and plenty of space for your guests to enjoy. Just look at this place!

90 State Events definitely impresses upon entering. 90 State also looks amazing with a little uplight and your guest are sure to be blown away.

If You Just Want To Throw Down On the Dance Floor…

If you just want to throw down on the dance floor you need a venue with space for your guests to do the worm!

The Old Daley Inn has a giant dance floor, and as a bonus they have other spaces that you have access to when you book them as a venue. Your grandma will have a nice sitting area to retreat to so she can catch up with family once the DJ really gets going.

90 State has a huge dance floor with plenty of space for a personalized monogram to be projected on the ceilings and other fun lighting. Be sure to ask for a group photo taken from the balcony!!

Let’s face it, no matter where you tie the knot, its going to be the BEST DAY EVER (assuming we photograph it… obviously)! I can’t wait to see how you make the day uniquely yours. As always, we are here to chat and give you pointers and suggestions. You can always check out our Recommended Venues list for even more options that we love!