To first look or not to first look? That is the question. If you ask us, our answer will always be – HECK YES, FIRST LOOK. But here’s the thing; we want you to get the absolute best possible pictures of your wedding day. We want you to walk away speechless after looking at all of your wedding photos. It is clear to us, doing a first look gives you more photos AND better photos. Now, if you are dead set on not doing a first look, we will honor that. But if you are on the fence and haven’t made a decision yet, we are here with some facts (and #allthefeels examples) to help you decide!

First things first. . .What IS a First Look?

A first look is when you see your spouse before you walk down the aisle. This can also be done with your wedding party, parents, or spouses! It’s so fun!

But I wanted him to see me when I walk down the aisle!

The first look does not rob you of having that special moment with your new spouse. It only enhances the moment. You are alone, together, sharing a real moment – not walking down the aisle and sharing it with 200 of your closest friends and family members. If your spouse cries during the first look, they are going to cry again at the ceremony. Usually, at the ceremony, the poor groom is so nervous and overwhelmed that all we ever get is the “deer in the headlights” look! Also, pro tip. Leave you veil off for the first look. Then put it on right before the ceremony so the groom has another surprise when you walk down the aisle!

Why else should we do a First Look?

Doing a first look allows you to attend your cocktail hour, if you want to, OR have a private bridal party cocktail hour with your closest friends and new spouse to catch your breath. Dicey weather on your wedding day? Having the time for the first look gives you more options to take a walk outside if the weather clears up. A first look also allows you to streamline family photos which gives you more time to say hello to guests and enjoy your day. Oh, and your family and wedding party get to go to the cocktail hour. Who wants to miss those hors-d’œuvres?!

I’m still not convinced. . .

We’ve compiled our favorite first looks from the last year or so and included some first looks with dads, brothers, and even kids – we think you’re going to love it!

We’ve had quite a few funny first looks too this year! Check these out!

Nate didn’t have to wait too long to see his ACUTAL bride. How cute is their first look?!

We hope we’ve helped you make a decision as to whether or not a first look is right for you! We are definitely biased because we know how great a first look is and how much it can add to your day but we also understand if you have been dreaming of the “walking down the aisle” moment since you were little. We will be there to support you in whichever decision you make and you will definitely have the BEST DAY EVER!!!