Throughout the wedding day, there are just some moments that are better captured in black and white. Take a look at some of our favorite b&w images from the 2016 season!


-Rob Spring


Jo looking absolutely stunning in the midst of getting ready!000200230012 0033Christine looking absolutely stunning while getting ready at the Mansion Inn.00340029Love this silhouette of Ali getting ready with her mom and Maid of Honor!0030Now let’s take a break from the gals to show some handsome men getting ready! 0007 0032003100050013Back to our lovely ladies. Time to lace up the dress and take some stunning bridal portraits!00010004000300060035Some of our favorite photos that we get after the “first look” with the bride and groom. We love having a bunch of time before the ceremony to photograph with the bride and groom!0015001400160008 0020001100090010Time for the ceremony! Love this shot of the flower girl making her way down the aisle!0018001700190021I just want to know what Ben was saying here!0022On to the reception for some first dance favorites and night shots! 0024002500270026You know we all feel the same way when it’s almost time to cut that cake 😉0028