What a year for Chantel & Cody!! Supposed to get married in the Spring of 2020, postponed to October 2020, eloped summer 2020, had to cancel the October party due to Covid… and she never got to wear her dress, or hold her bouquet! So we made it happen! I know it is easy to get down about the year we’ve had and what it has done to your wedding plans, but Chantel & Cody prove that if you just go ahead and get married, go ahead and put the dress on, and go ahead and call us, it will be okay! Now they are married, they have beautiful photos, AND… drumroll…. are expecting their first child. Congratulations Chantel & Cody! So glad we did this photo shoot at Brown’s Brewing near Revolution Hall in Troy, NY and looking forward to the next big life moment!!

-Rob Spring