AHHHH! Take me back to Jamie & Scott’s Adelphi Wedding in Saratoga last summer!!! This is the dream gig I always say yes to and will always hope for! An intimate wedding, with awesome people, that actually felt like the classiest best party EVER. Jamie & Scott are amazing (well, at least they were back in June, I’m going to go ahead and assume they still are). The Adelphi is an amazing place, but it’s when they bring out the Maple Glazed Clothesline Bacon that the party goes to another level (scroll down, it’s feature in this post). I could photograph and eat that bacon all day. And yes, it’s served on a clothesline… Taking the day to it’s ultimate level, Scott joked that all he wanted for dinner was chicken wings – so that’s what he got, and entire platter of wings – which he graciously shared with everyone. So happy for you guys! It truly was an incredible day and I’m so honored to have been part of it.

Congratulations again and here’s to a long and happy lift together!

-Rob Spring

Venue : The Adelphi Hotel • Makeup : Erin Muller Makeup • Bride’s Dress : Lily Saratoga

Wedding Date : June 18, 2021