Welcome to our Behind the Scenes blog for the 2016 season! We love what we do and think it’s important for everyone to see that not only are the bride & groom having a great time at their wedding, but so are we! We call ourselves the RSP family because we genuinely love each other and love working together! Oh, and if you haven’t noticed all of us are completely ridiculous. But Rob always wins the prize for that!

Okay, let’s get started! Have fun looking at some of our favorite moments and favorite people to work with! πŸ™‚


It is of upmost importance to get that bowtie looking good for the day! Even if the bride has to help.0004Emily using those muscles to block the sun! You go girl!
54There is just a whole lot of fabulousness right here. . .no not the ladies. Rob’s legs, duh.3Then there are the not so glamorous times. Like when Sarah was standing in for the bride and groom and thought it would be a good time to try juggling a pinecone.Β And using your body weight to make sure the back of the boat doesn’t tip forward on the bride and groom. Little did you know!00180003

On the sunny days we are pretty happy! And then there was that torrential downpour in Congress Park that one day. . .Poor Rob! But he had to get the shot!0021

Kayla making sure the bride was covered from the rain! Those reflectors come in handy.0023

As an assistant you do all sorts of jobs! Mostly the reflector is you best friend but other times you need to get in there and fix fix fix! Sometimes the bride comes in hand with that pesky reflector πŸ˜‰20022

Emily is pretty much a veteran reflector holder. We welcomed Vanessa to our team this year as an assistant too!0013

Check out those brows! He means business.0014

We REALLY enjoy taking selfies. And we know you love seeing our chins. All 5 of them.00160029

Sometimes if Rob and Sarah are both primary shooting we send selfies to each other. One’s on a boat and the other one is hanging out with a horse! Now if we could get a horse on a boat, THAT would be a wedding to behold.00100009

Let’s take a little break from the RSP team and get some vendors in there. These are just a few favorite moments from the season. We work with SO many amazing vendors all year long.

Mike from CT Productions! Hi there!0032

Alexis and DJ Vinny goofing around at Erolwest. We had the dream team that day!0041

Well, Vinny. That’s one way to get the family to smile!0038

Videographers GALORE!! They must have the best arm muscles. And they look so cool while working!

Mackenzie Lee Videography, NuVue Cinema, and Ben Pliss!003400400039Mike Garrasi of Music Man! Love this guy. This was from our AWESOME New Years wedding at the Hall of Springs this winter.0044

Dale Himelrick. Sometimes he takes video at your wedding, sometimes he helps you “cut” your cake!0037

Bride and Groom DJ? Hell yes! And a shout out to the fabulous Erin Muller doing Joanna’s make-up!0036

Amanda Pierce on top who made our fabulous bride Becky SUPER fabulous. And Cassandra McKenna below! πŸ™‚0033

Sarah of Bisou Weddings! Love love love! She makes our day so organized and fun. Not to mention the bride and grooms day!0031

And last but not least. Joan of All Occasions. If you want the BEST limo driver ever ask for Joan! And we love when the flowers are delivered from Dehn’s Flowers! All the excitement!0042

Okay now back to Rob being epic at Saratoga National! What a sunset!0011

Always catching each other mid shot! Kerri joined our team this year as an associate photographer. Damn right she knows how to dress for a winter wedding!0017

Sarah shooting wide for the ceremony at Saratoga Polo and Stephen being well. . .The King of the Castle at the Casino! Or a gangster. No one will ever know.0019

Party of 3??0002

Emily getting that static out!6

And helping Rob down a hill!0026

Emily and Sarah being adorable. If they can’t go on a lunch date together, they’ll make sure they are working a wedding together! We also are great models for how we want you to stand in a group photo.0025

Rob’s signature “I’ll just be down here!”0012 00070008

He’ll do anything to get the shot! Yes, anything!00010005

Flash stand: Source of light or weapon of mass destruction?0027

Mitch making sure that flash stand is right where we need it!Β 0028

Rob getting a fabulous shot of Allison at the Century house! And Sarah thinking it’s a Party of 3 again. Ugh πŸ˜‰0024

Sometimes we gotta test out the photo booth!0006

And last but not least our faithful Editor in Chief, Evie Spring. She’s the REAL boss of this whole operation.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 8.43.43 AM

We had lots of great times in 2016 but 2016 was also Stephen’s last year shooting with RSP. Don’t worry he’s doing great and living in Boston with his family now but we wanted to do a quick shout out and thank him for so many great years of fun times and great photographs. We’ll miss you Stephen! But hey if you’re ever in Boston hit him up for a wedding!0030

So long 2016! Here’s to a great 2017!