It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That time of year where I have to see all of the embarrassing pictures that our team at RSP have taken of me at work – BUT, I also get to share some of the embarrassing pictures I’ve taken of THEM too! No one is safe!!

It looks like I’m on an African safari here. Imma need a chiropractor after this.ˆEric on reflectorˆ – feel the burn! Love this BTS shot!

Sarah – thinking hard about the exposure, watching the clouds, or mugging for the camera?


Mitch has been hit! Mitch is down! I repeat, Mitch is DOWN!

Nope, nevermind, he’s fine. And looking pleased with himself now. Emily… ALWAYS looking for that new FB profile pic! And Sarah, with the sick dance moves.

Emily & Kayla love wedding dresses, and can’t wait to take them outside to hang them from a tree. Safety first.

I spend more time pruning dead branches off trees than I do dancing with the groom. False, I do both.

You wants me to cut the cakes here, no? Yes?

Happiest damn assistants in all of upstate NY – Kennedy and Hannah!

Happy to hold stuff, hide behind a tree, or even HOLD a tree (thanks Kurt!)

Rob with the special delivery – letter from the bride? Or invitation to Rob’s 40th birthday gymnastics party? (there will be booze a foam pit to jump in)

Why wipe the sweat away when Rob can just blow air on you?? Or maybe we could use this card board box I found to fan Tonio??Sarah hard at work while I creep around in the bushes… and then giving it the old “TA-DA” so we can see what that ceremony lighting looks like!

Mitchell did not get the bow tie memo. And I’m pretty sure in the bottom picture I’m taking a picture of whoever is taking my picture??

Rob: “I have the same white dress.” Britney: “OMG, you’re a freak! Now photograph these shoes.”

Here’s Sarah “behind” the scenes, and sort of “to the side” of the scene. Back in the ponytail days of summer.

When Rob and Sarah shoot two weddings next door to each other on State Street in Albany, you’ve just GOT to have a shoot out!! It looks like we love our jobs!

Please don’t get hit by a car, please don’t get hit by a car, please don’t get hit by a car.

Engagement session shenanigans. Also… I got to go on a boat! I’m a sailor! I sailed!

Sarah checking the sun dial for the correct time. Yup, it’s flex time.

Rob sitting on the job. Also, lying down on the sidewalk. So gross. My dry cleaning bill is OUTRAGEOUS.

Everyone is on the ground!!! At least the grass was softer than the concrete.

Hannah holds the flowers, I hold the Mentos, but we all love our brides!!

I know what to do with a long veil. Or do I?

Emily Happy.       Emily Sad.

Please please please wear a real bow tie so I can tie it for you. Also – who needs a second photographer when Rob can stack two cameras and get the shot (S)!!

Kayla looks so much cooler shooting from the grass than Rob does with his legs crossed. Huh. Can’t explain that.

Even better than two cameras, two photographers! Shooting two super different angles of the same moment. (Yes, we locked Sarah in that cage when she threatened to show us her dance moves again…)

Everyone got an anchor tattoo at Anne & Aaron’s wedding. Even Sarah. ON HER FOREHEAD?!?!

Not familiar with the first look? Don’t worry, Rob can explain it.

Sarah is super excited about the light, the cuteness factor, and her biceps.

Rob, afraid to get too close to the bridesmaids (and clearly TOO close to Elissa & Hans  below!?)

We all have cameras. And personalities. No shame though. We don’t have that.

Kennedy can bustle with the best of them! And Kayla & Carly are happy to stand in as the happy couple.

You need long arms to help with this train!

All hands on deck here for Bethany & Mark!

Hannah can pose, OR, just hide in a stair well with Kennedy to stay out of the shot.

Why Rob? Why? BECAUSE WE ARE ON THE LAKE AND IT’S GORGEOUS! And a boat. I’m on a boat again.

Sometimes I trade my cameras for an eating utensil. What is this? A fork for ANTS?!?

Hannah raiding the cocktail hour and posing for a GGGGorgeous photo! And Emily below straight up creepin’.

Our favorite Boston photographer, Stephen Whiting. Looking good, AND creepin’!

Kennedy holds flowers, Emily holds umbrellas, and Sarah, well, Sarah does stuff…

Kayla & Sarah working in extreme conditions with the ultimate outerwear while the bride and groom freeze. They’re fine. Don’t worry about them.

Oh Sarah, staying warm, and showing yet MORE dance moves. Definitely going on the cover of their wedding album.

Rob grew a beard of his own so he wouldn’t have to wear this werewolf mask any more. Phew!

Everyone chipping in! Rob shooting, Emily fixing the hair piece, Sarah holding the dress. But most importantly, Sarah bringing everyone snacks. (All the heart eyes for Sarah!)

Then Sarah got married and we all had to work. Ugh. And there’s Sarah, still mugging for the camera, even as the freaking BRIDE!Everyone is in the bushes!!

Selfie with Emily, Rob, and his wife Rosie! And photo credit to Emily for taking this super cute pic of Rob & a pregnant Rosie!

Mitchell, shooting a feature length movie and not telling anyone… Below, with all of Sarah’s wedding vendor friends! And Sean’s dad, who would later lose a tooth. Truth.

Sarah working at her own wedding to make sure Rob’s tie is straight before the photo op!And Sarah with her work bestie, Emily!RSP team cuts loose on the dance floor with Vinny Vin from Nonstop Music. Those are napkin rings on my face. Can’t be sure…

If it’s Sarah’s wedding, she can’t test the light. But Mitchell can!! LOL!

#basic IN THE PHOTO BOOTH! Ya’ll better get in there, if you don’t use the photo booth, WE WILL.

Selfies with wedding guests. It’s part of every package we offer.

Especially if those guests are past, present, or future couples!!And sometimes you meet a bride that you just NEED to take a selfie with every single time you see her. Every time. For YEARS. And then you get to dance with her at her wedding!! 🙂 Maria & Doug are AWESOME!

Love seeing some of my favorite bridesmaids and previous clients at other people’s weddings!!

And a few favorites from our company shoot this past summer!

Thank you everyone for an AMAZING year!! Can’t wait for what’s next in 2019! And stay tuned for our next blog featuring some of our favorite vendor photos from this past year 🙂