Due to the Coronavirus, Emily and CJ were forced to reschedule their wedding to 2021. Many of our couples have made this tough choice to move their event, but Emily wanted to still make their original date special. Rob met them at their ceremony location to do a mini portrait session, but the best part is it included a cake from The GingerSnap Cake Shop!

Here’s what Emily had to say:

“As a doctor working in NYC, I am forever grateful for the sacrifices people have made to save lives and make my job safer. This includes all the couples that have made the painful decision to change their wedding plans. We wanted to do something special to celebrate our May 23rd wedding day. We got a mini-wedding cake from our baker, The GingerSnap Cake Shop, and drank champagne at what will someday be our venue. Rob documented it all and we had a blast taking socially-distanced pictures! We are grateful to be able to share these photographs with our family and friends around the world. Planning fun activities for your would-be wedding day is a great way to celebrate your love and your special day. Love is not canceled!”