Yassssss. Well, okay, you don’t NEED two photographers, but we always recommend having two photographers when you have more than 125 guests and when you have multiple locations. As great as it is to have Sarah, Kayla, or I as your Lead Photographer – we can’t be in two places at once! And believe me, we try! We can’t be with the guys getting ready while also with the bridesmaids getting their hair done. And we can’t shoot with two different lenses at the same time from two different angles. Well… maybe Rob can 😉

All of these examples were taken by two different photographers within seconds of each other. Sometimes at the same exact time!

Check out this shot below – I love them both! I like how one shows the surroundings and has a landscape feel, but the zoomed in shot of the expression is sooo good too!

Here’s a great example below – you’ve GOT to get Dad’s face walking his daughter down the aisle, but what about everyone else’s expression!? All eyes on the bride! Amazing.

I’m a sucker for detail shots like the guests raising glasses to toast, it really gives you a sense of the moment – but you HAVE to shot the best man’s toast too! With a second photographer, you can have both.

AHHH!! Could you die? When the bride steps into that pool of sunlight and hugs her dad at the alter?! He loves her so much and I couldn’t imagine not having the photo of HIS face too!

Okay, I’m a dad – and we need this proud dad photo below – but what about this ceremony location shot through the wrought iron fence? You need both, and you know it. Thanks second photographer!

And it’s not just about shooting the same thing at the same time – it’s about not wasting your time on the wedding day. Not doing a first look? We’ll need to photograph the bridal party separately and you can’t do it at the same time if you are only one person. These shots were taken at the exact same time in two different neighborhoods on Jessica & Dave’s wedding day with the help of Sarah as the second shooter.

The groomsmen totally killed the fashion game at this wedding! Sarah hung out with the guys in the morning while I was with the girls. Dream Team to the rescue!

One of the things that drives me crazy about taking family photos is when people are doing cute things behind me! Luckily here we have that second photographer to capture the cuteness and I get the family shot.

Some of the best parts of the day happen quickly – only a few minutes for the first dance? You need variety and this all the feels shot of the bride!

Speaking of all the feels. . . how can you NOT have this epic photo of the bride’s father?! If you look closely you can see our second shooters lens on the left side of the first picture taking this photo of dad!

Super fun getting ready moments from Sarah & Kevin’s big day! Taken at the same time by Rob and Sarah.

Even if you DO choose to do a first look, how great is this to have expressions from multiple angles?!

It’s nice to see the Sagamore Resort in the background, but when the expression is this good, it’s nice to have both shots!

Need a vertical for your living room wall instead of a horizontal? No problem, we got both!

Some real life fairytale stuff going on below. Love this shot through the trees of the bride on horseback by Rob. But we also want to see how beautiful the bride is! Only achieved by having Ashley as the second photographer.

Same moment, two VERY different looks! I love them both!

Another great example of the same moment captured two very different ways!

Somebody had to be on that boat for these two – but how cool is it to see them out on the water?!

And one of the best parts of having two photographers, is getting some hidden behind the scenes gems in your wedding gallery!

Having two photographers frees us up to be more creative – which you benefit from. Who doesn’t love choices – especially when you’ve got your hair and makeup done and you are looking fabulous! Bring on double the amount of photos in your gallery. Take it from us: having two photographers will be the best decision you’ll make on your wedding day besides marrying your best friend and eating ALL the cake.

-Rob Spring



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