Jen & Shannon’s Museum of Dance wedding in Saratoga was amazing! Jen & Shannon are the perfect couple (which I learned quickly while doing their engagement session a few months ago). Neither of them were nervous on the wedding day, which is a testament to how comfortable they are with each other. They are such genuine and amazing people! Okay, okay I’ll stop fawning over them now.

You can tell from the photos below that their wedding day was full of fun, laughter, and smiles. I want these two to get married every weekend!! And of course it is always a great day when you work with Mike from Music Man Entertainment. Wedding guests couldn’t stop themselves from dancing.

Jen and Shannon, you were an absolute pleasure to work with! If you want to get married to each other again like a million times, just let me know 😉

-Sarah Wigley

Venue: Museum of Dance  •  Make-up: Upstate Beauty  •  Hair: Shear Heaven
Dress: Angela’s Bridal  •  Ceremony Music: Spa City Duo  •  Catering: Mallozzi’s  •  DJ: Music Man Entertainment

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