Hooray for Michelle & Brad’s Albany Renaissance Wedding! These are definitely MY people. Michelle & Brad are about as sweet of a couple as you can ask for. The families, the friends, everything about it. If every client could be this wonderfully kind and pleasant to be around I’d stop charging for weddings and shoot them all for free. We started the day at Michelle’s parents house – and her father set the tone with his overwhelming hospitality. The kind of way I hope I act on the day my own daughters get married (not for a VERY long time though, of course). The cloudy overcast day couldn’t stop us from taking hundreds of beautiful photos, and it did nothing to dampen Michelle and Brad’s spirits. Beautiful people, beautiful church, and my first time at a beautiful new venue! Check out those indoor nighttime shots at the new Albany Renaissance. The ballroom, food, and service is great, but the hotel itself is stunning! So very chic and contemporary – nothing like it in our area. Always great to work with good friend Vinny Vin from Nonstop Music. Surely it’s no coincidence that people ALWAYS dance at the weddings he is at…

Congratulations to some of my favorite people ever! And here’s to many happy years to come, CHEERS!

-Rob Spring

Ceremony: Blessed Sacrament, Albany  •  Reception: Renaissance Albany  •  Makeup/Hair: Make Me Fabulous  •  Dress: Something Bleu

Wedding Planner : Shannon Whitney Anson with Wedding Planning Plus   •   Bridesmaids Dresses: Lily Saratoga  •  Flowers: Anthology Studio  •  DJ: Non Stop Music  •  Cake: Piece of Cake Bakery

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