Why should you hire a photographer to shoot your proposal?


Or let’s be honest, why should you encourage your Bae to!  We’ve had the honor of shooting a few proposals lately and we’ve realized how truly swoon worthy they are! We love how candid proposals are, plus we’re just suckers for the ugly cry!!


We know you’ll be glowing on the your wedding day, but the day they pop the question you’re going to have so many emotions and feelings and we want to capture them all! We just adored how emotional Ashley was when Ryan proposed to her!



These days our families and friends are spread all over the country and the world. Sure, you can tell them all about the big moment on the phone, but imagine being able to share these photos with them! It’ll make them feel like they were right there in the bushes hiding with your photographer. And you can bet we’ll be hiding in the bushes or behind a tree. Rob even got poison ivy once because he was being a super proposal ninja. We’ll do whatever it takes to stay hidden until that ring is ON! Scroll down to see Taryn’s reaction when she realized that Joe hired a photographer.



In this day and age, you’re going to want to share your news on social media. Imagine if your post is a beautiful professional photo of you looking amazing and a close up of the ring he picked out! Let these photos tell the story for you! We pride ourselves on getting your proposal photos to you quickly, too. You’ll have a sneak peek within a few hours, so you can share with all of your friends almost instantly, or as soon as you’ve made those call you need to make!



This is a really big moment we want to celebrate that and help you remember every detail. Even if you are so overwhelmed you can barely remember what happened, you’ll have these photos forever to remind you just how much you are loved.



And lastly, if you love your proposal photos you can cross “find wedding photographer” off your list and book us for your next big day! We’ll be there to hold your hand and admire your ring the whole way!

-Emily Matthews, Studio Manager