Wedding of my dreams!! Let’s be clear, Lucy & Steven’s Colorado wedding was basically MY dream wedding, and they happened to be getting married. Lucy used to work with me as a photographer, then went off and became an insanely talented photographer herself! She moved to Colorado where she met the absolute best guy you could ever imagine (I would know, I played some strange games at their rehearsal dinner where I popped a balloon tied to his rear end… and it wasn’t weird at all. Just trust me.) Any time you are asked to photograph another wedding photographer’s wedding it can be stressful, you want it to be up to their standards, and as Lucy warned me, she’s a “lighting snob.” Blessedly they were so easy to work with, we had such great weather, and they were willing to trudge across a half frozen alpine lake in the snow at 13,000 feet to “get the shot.” My feet are still wet and still cold, but the photos are still EPIC! Lucy & Steven couldn’t love each other more, and I couldn’t love them more. Their wedding day brought all of the emotion, the fun, the love, the light, the rain, the dancing, the food truck, and DA BUTT that you could ever hope for in a single day!!

-Rob Spring

Wedding Date : June 11, 2019

And here’s their amazing Day After Shoot!!!

Congratulations Lucy & Steven, and from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for trusting me with your wedding day and having me there to capture it. Love you both!!