There are moments throughout the wedding day when we think to ourselves “I HAVE ALL THE FEELS RIGHT NOW”. And by us I mostly mean Sarah because she usually yells “ALL THE FEELS!!!” So here we are with some of our favorite images from the 2016 season that made us laugh, cry, and feel ALL the feels.


-Rob Spring


1Carter & Jo’s wedding day was so beautiful! They were so in love! 🙂

2Kayla making sure her groom was all set after their first kiss. Guess pink wasn’t his color 😉

3Allie doing  a Grandfather/Granddaughter dance. Hard to keep the tears back on this one.

4Nothing better than some first dance sweetness!

5Noelle and her beautiful daughter were so adorable! Just love the shot of Noelle’s daughter in her wedding dress!

67Caryn waiting eagerly for her bride. Love!

8 9The morning of Michelle’s wedding we noticed that her dad had made a spot on the wall in their living room for Michelle and Brad’s wedding photo. All of her siblings had been married in the same church so we had to make sure to get a great one for the Wall of Fame in her parents house! 🙂

10Flower girl waiting to walk down the aisle.

11A little toasting after the ceremony and Nicole and her bridesman being adorable!

12Love this “first look” shot with Taylor and her dad.

13More adorable flower girls. So sweet!

14The dad’s trying to keep it together! Kristen wrote them beautiful letters on her wedding day.

15We love it when bride and groom’s best friend joins us on the wedding day. So special!

16 17Mike bought his dad a brand new Giants watch for the wedding. His dad was so surprised!!

19Ben wondering if he has enough time for this first look. Sarah had such a fun day with these two!

18Miquel and Genese’s nieces and nephews were professional videographers for the Mother/Son dance!

20Becky loving her gift the morning of her wedding day!

21Kim and Alan’s super sweet first look. If that isn’t the look of absolute love, I don’t know what is!

22Another emotional and adorable first look with Jen and Shannon.

24Taylor having an awesome moment with one of the horses at Lakota’s Farm.


Sarah and Chris being super in love! Nothing better!